The Eclipse Modeling Framework provides technology for converting various forms of model description to Ecore, e.g., annotated Java, XML Schema, and UML.  From an Ecore model, it can generate a complete Java implementation of the model, platform-neutral editing support for manipulating instances of the model, as well as an integrated Eclipse IDE or RCP editor for editing instances.  Alternatively, this same instance behavior can be emulated dynamically, without generating any code.  The template-based generator (JET) supports merging, so generated code can be hand specialized without losing the ability to regenerate after modifying the model.  In addition to the Java generation capabilities, EMF can export an Ecore model as an XML Schema or as a UML model.  As such, it acts as a hub for converting different model forms to a common representation and for converting that common representation to any of the alternative representations clearly demonstrating the underlying equivalence between all these model forms.